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Reviewing Proposal



​Leaders want to improve the education of Emergent Bilinguals and continually provide resources and support, but in some instances you may not be getting a return on that investment.  Having an expert outside-perspective will provide district leaders with a true look at current programming design and implementation.  You will be provided with a report summary as well as realistic recommendations customized to your district. 

Group Discussion



Teaching and leading in the area of Emergent Bilinguals needs to be supported through professional development.  We offer a variety of professional development in the areas of English as a second language, early and late-exit transitional and one-way dual language.

A group of women at a business meeting



Whether you are working with a new student population, implementing a new Bilingual/ESL model or seeking support in implementing review recommendations we are here to help you.  We can work with your team on program design, developing presentations, providing guidance with specific student populations, and a wide-range of other personalized services.  

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